DeSimone Research Group

What Should You Expect as a Student or Postdoc in the DeSimone Lab?

As a trainee in the DeSimone lab, you will be exposed to research programs that demonstrate how to conduct translational science and engineering efficiently, while simultaneously building a track record of accomplishment through your research. Opportunities to lead research teams and to participate on other teams outside of your primary focus area will be available as well. This ensures that, as a trainee, you are able to gain experience in different areas based on your career goals.

Additionally, trainees in the DeSimone lab will gain experience writing scientific manuscripts that will be submitted for publication in academic journals in science, engineering, and medicine. Trainees should also expect to gain experience contributing to our group’s grant writing efforts to support our research programs.

DeSimone lab trainees will also gain knowledge and, as desired, experience in the area of entrepreneurship. With his background as a successful serial entrepreneur, as well as his experience teaching courses in entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina, Professor DeSimone brings a passion to this topic that will manifest in opportunities for lab members to learn the craft, techniques, and approach to the art of entrepreneurship. This may include exposure to potential entrepreneurial opportunities that emerge from the DeSimone lab’s research, as well as learning opportunities through individual mentorship, group discussion, and participation in teaching endeavors led by Professor DeSimone through the Stanford Graduate School of Business.