DeSimone Research Group

December 1, 2022

3D printing expands design space for transdermal applications

Congratulations to Bioengineering PhD candidate, Netra Unni Rajesh, on the recent publication of her JACS Au Perspectives article! Her paper, titled ‘3D-Printed Microarray Patches (MAPs) for Transdermal Applications’, was featured on the cover and published last month. The paper provides a comprehensive review of conventional methods used to produce MAPs and introduces two novel classes of MAPs, only made possible by high resolution CLIP. Latticed MAPs (L-MAPs) can be used to deliver solid and liquid state formulations while dynamic MAPs (D-MAPs) can interact with the skin to alter properties. Other Stanford co-authors and DeSimone Lab members on this paper include Ian Coates, Madison M. Driskill, Maria T. Dulay, Kaiwen Hsiao, Dan Ilyin, Gunilla B. Jacobson, Jean Won Kwak, Micah Lawrence, Jillian Perry, Cooper O. Shea, Shaomin Tian, and Prof. Joseph M. DeSimone.

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November 16, 2022

Single-digit-micron 3D printing technique

Congratulations to postdoctoral scholar, Dr. Kaiwen Hsiao, whose research was published in Science Advances today! "Single-digit-micrometer-resolution continuous liquid interface production" details a new approach by Stanford engineers to tackle multiple microfabrication challenges in AM. Micro-CLIP enables 3D printed objects with features as small as 1.5 microns - just one-fifth the size of a red blood cell! Additional Stanford co-authors of this research include Dr. Brian Lee, Tim Samuelson, Gabriel Lipkowitz, Jason Kronenfeld, Dan Ilyn, Audrey Shih, Dr. Maria T. Dulay, Prof. Eric S. G. Shaqfeh, and Prof. Joe DeSimone.

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